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Recipe of Chicken Fried Bihun

Chicken fried bihun (fried bee hoon with chicken) is good to be served during breakfast with fried beancurd and fried chicken for every Asian cuisine. Last time when I was living in Pasar Minggu, southern district of Jakarta, I used to buy meal for my breakfast from aunty who sells breakfast meal in our neighbourhood. One of my favourite breakfast meal is fried bee hoon.

Fried Bee hoon is also good to be served during tea time and supper. In case of you want to cook at your own, following is the recipe you can try from your lovely kitchen before begin your day.

400 gm cooked bee hoon, already been soaked in hot water
2 cloves garlic, chopped
2 each Eggs, beaten
200 gm Chicken legs boneless
60 gm White cabbage, sliced
30 gm Cay sim, sliced
30 gm Carrots, julienne
1/2 stalk leeks, sliced
2 Tbs soy bean sauce
Salt and pepper as needed
Oil to sauté

Cooking method:
In a medium skillet, wok or frying pan heat oil add chicken pieces and sauté until colour changes.
Add and sauté garlic until aroma comes out after that Drop all vegetable and soy sauce saute until sauce and vegetable becoming a good blend. Finally add bee hoon, stir and season with salt and pepper. Remove from heat serve immediately. The recipe is good for 2 persons.

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