Christmas Staff Party on December 29th, 2013

Good day mate!

Outback Steakhouse Singapore at Millennia Walk will hold its Christmas Staff Party on December 29th, 2013.  On this particular and special day, we would like to ask your kind assistance to support this activity.

Any amount or good that will be given to us will be highly appreciated.

 Thank you very much in advance.

 Sincerely yours,

VadiKitchen  Manager

Outback Steakhouse Singapore




Drink Recipe - Tomato Juice

Today I want to show you how to make tomato juice. It's a simply blending making recipe you can prepare for minutes.

Tomato juice is a refreshing juice drink specially if it served during summer or hot days. Tomato juice is also a healthy juice. Base on different sources, tomato is proven to be kind of fruit for cancer prevention.

So, here is the recipe:
2 medium tomato
1 tbs white sugar
Few drops of lime juice
Water as needed
Ice cube as needed

Cut tomato into small dice. Combine all ingredients and put in the blender. Blend for 2 minutes. After smooth transfer juice into pilsner glass and serve .


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