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Healthy Drink Recipe - Iced Milo

Have you drink Iced Milo today? If have  not, let we make a cold and healthy drink together.

Don't worry, making Ice Milo is easy and you can compare the taste with ice milo you will find at Cafe or resto. Don't believe? Let try!


3 Tbs full milo powder
3 Tbs condensed milk
2 STbs evaporated milk
150 ml hot water
Ice cube as needed

Making methods:
In a glass, stir milo and hot water. And milk and stir well then add drop the ice cube into the glass. Stir and ice milo is ready to serve.

Happy trying. If you have questions please leave the message :)

Drink Recipe - Tomato Juice

Today I want to show you how to make tomato juice. It's a simply blending making recipe you can prepare for minutes.

Tomato juice is a refreshing juice drink specially if it served during summer or hot days. Tomato juice is also a healthy juice. Base on different sources, tomato is proven to be kind of fruit for cancer prevention.

So, here is the recipe:
2 medium tomato
1 tbs white sugar
Few drops of lime juice
Water as needed
Ice cube as needed

Cut tomato into small dice. Combine all ingredients and put in the blender. Blend for 2 minutes. After smooth transfer juice into pilsner glass and serve .