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How To Cook a Recipe

How To Cook a Recipe

In order to smoothen your cooking process with satisfactory results,
several preparatory steps prior to execute when making a recipe. This
preparation is important to avoid failure or at least reduce of
flavor from its original. For example because of missing one type of
ingredient to make peanut sauce, in the end the taste is not
authentic. Well, here are some preparation before cooking.

Choosing and selecting recipes
If you have never try the recipe before, you need to set preparation
before cooking by searching recipes from several sources such as
recipe books, magazines, newspapers or the Internet, we recommend
looking for the recipe with pictures so you have a view of what the
dish look prior to cooking process.

Read and understand the recipe details to illustrate if these foods
already been cooked. Do not forget to prepare any materials that will
be used to make the recipe and whether the ingredients are available
and easily obtainable in the market.

Gather utensils and materials
Once you learn the recipe and you already know the picture then the
next step is to gather tools and materials needed and used for
cooking. For example you are going to make shrimp paste dipping, the
tool required is cobekan (pot to make sauce made from clay or stone)
cutting board and knife. While the materials needed to be grinded are
chili, onions, sugar, salt and shrimp paste.

Cooking method and process
This last stage to determine whether your shrimp paste dipping tasting
good or not. Hehe. Procedures and cooking steps will determine the
quality of the food. Sometimes even cooking with the same materials
and tools, taste may be different. Sambel shrimp paste recipe made by
my mother and aunt was different. Hence this way is important part of
any process on how to cook right recipes.

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