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Fried Poh Noodles with Tofu and Fish Balls

I know what I going to cook today. Obviously, there is no ready food today – but I saw the noodle Poh [a kind of instant noodles and flat shape rather wide] than a just take it and cook. Before I cook, I want to ask you, who can not cook the noodles? Cooking instant noodle is very easy; just follow the instruction on the package.

Actually if you want, you just boil the noodle and mix with the seasoning. But for me I just want to put and a bit different cooking to get more flavor.

  • 1 packet of instant fried noodles, taste-free brand
  • 5 each Fish meatball
  • 1 white beans tofu
  • 2 spring onions, sliced
  • 2 tablespoons corned beef [optional]
Cooking Method:
  1. Bring water to boil in sauce pan or medium skillet.
  2. Remove noodle from the package, meat ball and tofu drop into this boiling water, let it cook after 2 minutes. Don’t ever cooked.
  3. Heat the cooking oil, saute onion until transparent, put all the ingredients and mix well.
  4. Remove from heat; serve in large bowl or dinner plate.
Garnish with corned beef and green onion [optional]

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