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Sundanese "Karedok" Mixed Salads with Peanut Dressing

What’s cooking today? Yeah, lets make Karedok! Karedok is peanut dressing-based vegetables salad from West Java. Making Karedok is easy and you can make at home. Make Karedok is not difficult. The taste sensitivity; its assortment of vegetables, peanut sauce, a bit spicy [some people can take spicy food], there is a sense of basil, etc. Well, it’s absolutely good! pokonya deh! I used to east Karedok with rice and fried bean curds. So, let go the the recipe how to make Karedok.

Raw ingredients:
100g Cucumber
100g green bean sprout
3 pieces of white cabbage leaves
100g long beans
25g basil leaves

Ground Peanut sauce
2 red chilies
1 clove garlic
5 small red pepper
1 / 2 tsp kencur, kind of ginger
200g peanuts, roasted or fried
1 tablespoon tamarind water
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 / 2 tsp shrimp paste
150 cc of warm water

Set all the ingredients are ready
Cut cucumber, long beans cut small dice.
Cabbage white or sliced cabbage cut thin sliced
Provide quality or pestle and mortar or put chili, garlic, small chilies, kencur, peanuts, brown sugar, salt, shrimp paste and blend.
Add the tamarind water and water continues blending until smooth.
Mix all the vegetables including basil leaves, the correct herbs and ingredients.

If you want, you always can garnish with shrimp crackers and fried shallots.

Image source : http://www.westjavalive.com/image/karedok.JPG

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