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Three Essential Steps Cooking Great Pastas

Preparing great pasta is not difficult. All you need to do is to ensure that you are ready with all tools, ingredients, recipe and cooking procedures. A three essential steps cooking great pasta will guide you on how to prepare any pasta dishes easily and you will enjoy your pastas cooking for your own or serving them to your friends in any occasions.

Select ingredients for Sauce
Cooking pasta can be done in minutes. But you need to prepare some basic component such pasta sauces. Selecting right ingredient before cooking is mainly success of whole process of cooking. Commonly, there are two different kind of sauce, basic red and white sauce. Basic red sauce usually made from tomatoes and white sauce is made from cream. Pasta sauce with oiled base is also quite popular especially for those who in diet programs. In this point, you need to ensure that preparing ingredients for sauce can be done in advance prior to the execution. Tomato based pastas can be last up to three days kept in refrigerator, but for the best quality, use it no longer than two days.

Boiling of Pastas
Pasta should be cooked al dente. That's what Italian say. AL dente means, don't overcook. Boiling pasta take about eight to ten minutes for two lbs of weight (spaghetti and fettuccine) in five litres of water. When boiling pasta, add a bit of oil and salt into water. To prevent from sticking, stir pasta frequently and cook in medium heat. When pasta cooked, immediately soak into ice water for about two minutes to stop it from continuously cooking. Drain and sprinkle with oil to prevent sticking and ensure that pasta also should stand individually.

Cooking Procedures
So, the last stage of preparing great pasta is performing cooking procedures correctly. When you are ready with the sauce and pastas, no matter what kind of pasta you are making, this stage is determining the result of your overall pasta cooking. In this point, I take an example on how to make Shrimp pasta marinara. So, heat sauté pan and add olive oil. If you like some garlic in your recipe, you always can add in and sauté. Before adding garlic, sauté shrimp until the colour turn into pink. Add the sauce and bring to boil. Finally, add pasta and toss it. Add a bit of water if necessary. Cook for two minutes or until pasta is completely hot. Transfer to pasta bowl or serving plates. The optional is sprinkling Parmesan cheese and fresh basil leaves as garnish.

As mentioned, cooking pasta is easy. I can say the most easily cooking item ever, yet the taste is delicious. Pasta can suit for any occasions such as family gathering, outing or children birthday. If you intend to make it as business, you always can put and sell it in your menus. Three essential steps of cooking pasta might be considered whether preparing pasta for personal consumption or commercial purposes.

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