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Pan Fried Lemon Chicken

Pan Fried Lemon Chicken

There are many ways to make Lemon Chicken. You might have your own recipe and have different ways in cooking. But if you want to try this recipe, you might compare or at least for it can be in your recipe collection.

4 each chicken breast, flatten
1/3 cup of flour
Salt and pepper to season the chicken
2 Tablespoon of butter
1 cup of Chicken broth
1/4 of lemon juice
1 tablespoon corn starch
2 tablespoon cut green onion

Cooking methods:
Season chicken with salt and pepper and get it coated in flour.
Heat frying pan and melt the butter. Pan fried the chicken until cooked or until no pinkish color inside.!
Meanwhile, combine stock, corn starch and lemon in skillet and bring to boil. Stir consistently until liquid form into sauce. Add cut green pepper.
Arrange chicken breast in suitable serving dish and pour the sauce over. Garnish with lemon slices on top of the dish (optional)

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