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Breakfast Menu - Malay Rice Cake in Coconut Milk

Breakfast with Malay Vegetable Lontong

Vegetable Malay rice cake is a perfect dish for breakfast because the portions are not too much and fast way of presentation. Usually vegetable rice cake in curry sauce is served in a bowl.

As with any vegetable or rice cake rice cake vegetable that we usually can be easily found in every corner of Jakarta, Malay Vegetable Lontong have in common ingredients and seasonings.

The most dominant ingredient is vegetable that uses coconut milk base, rice cake and hard-boiled egg. It's just feels a little bit different. Vegetable coconut milk and a little bit sweet-scented shrimp paste.

Basic ingredients of vegetable coconut milk [vegetable] use white cabbage, tofu and long beans. While the presentation, Lontong Malay Vegetable sprinkled with toasted shredded coconut and minced chili.

Vegetable Malay rice cake can be found at the counter or Malay food stalls in almost every food court in Singapore. It costs about $ 3.00 a serving.

Friends, this article merely sharing information, especially for those who are on vacation here ..

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