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Recipe Green Pepper Sauce (Green Pepper Sauce)

Now I want to make green pepper sauce or black peppercorn if you don't have one. The sauce is suitable for chicken or meat cooked in less oil - PAN FRIED Cooking method.

Let me start cooking the sauce. Pan fried the steaks or chicken cook in medium heat to get a good sear and make sure that the pan isn't too hot or cooking in high heat as it will result burning in the bottom of the pan and cause bitter to the sauce. 

After steaks cooked; pan fried Is fast cooking way ussualy you take about few minutes for cook the steaks and it depend on the size or thickness. 

Put aside the steaks. Using the same pan, sauté peppercorn. After aroma comes our, pour beef broth and water. Continue to cook until the sauce thicken. Remove from heat and ready to serve and pour on top the steak or chicken 

4 pieces of beef steak (steak) or chicken breast
250 ml beef broth
250 ml heavy cream 
2 tablespoons canned green pepper, rinsed.
Salt to taste

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