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Simple Cream of Tomato Soup

Creamy tomato soup is a simple soup easy to cook. Tomato-based recipe very much popular in Italy but now this kind of soup has been consumed a lot widely. The ingredients are many available in the market and common. This soup taste is dominated by sour of tomatoes, lightly creamy taste.


5 ea. Ripped Tomatoes
1 ea. White Onion
1 ea. Small Carrot
1 ea. Small Potato
1 teaspoon Dry Basil Leaves
1 teaspoon Dry Oregano Leaves
1 Tablespoon Butter
1 Tablespoon Sugar
2 cups of chicken stock
5 Tablespoon Cream
Salt pepper to taste

  1. Wash all vegetables.
  2. Cut tomato, onion, carrot and potato into 1x1cm dice.
  3. Gather remaining ingredients and utensils such as medium stock pot, blender, knife, measuring spoon and strainer and get ready for cooking process.

Cooking method
  • In medium stock pot, melt butter.
  • Add onion, onion potatoes and herbs. Saute vegetable until onion becoming transparent and potato just begin turning the colour about 2 minutes.
  • Add tomatoes and continue cooking another 3 minutes. Pour chicken stock into put, stir and cooking in medium heart for 4 minutes and remove from heat.
  • After sometime, blend the mixture in a smooth puree, strain if necessary otherwise just return to heat and bring it to boil for next step adding in seasoning and cream.
  • Taste it.

Garnish with grated Parmesan cheese.
Serving for 4

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