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Perfect Cooking Rice for Making Fried Rice

Making perfect fried rice is base on the type of rice, texture and how to cook also check for cooking time to get right doneness. Perfect rice mustn’t too soft or to hard but its must be separated or not stick each other. Keep it room temperature or refrigerated before cooking. This will help you easier making ingredients incorporate so that its will a maximum taste. You can use rice cooker, as its easiest way. Herein cooking method


240 gm Thai Fragrant Rice
160 ml Cool Water

Measure rice with measuring cup, put into rice cooker bowl and rinse, Please note that washing the rice removes some of the soluble vitamins from rice. If your rice cooker has a non-stick bowl, wash the rice (prior to cooking) in a colander with several washes/rinses/drains. Add 160 ml of water and cook. Remove rice from the bowl, put on tray and refrigerated immediately. Use rice after completely cool.
Now you can cook delicious fried rice.


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