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Singapore Chicken Porridge


250 gram Rice
1.5 Lt Cold Water
2 cm Ginger, sliced
Salt, as needed

Cooking Method

In a medium stock pot, combine all ingredient. Bring to boil and simmer for about 10-minutes or until becomes porridge. During cooking process stir porridge often to avoid bottom-sticked, check thickness. You may add or reduce water to adjust the thickeness as your desire.

A bowl of porridge topped with Sliced Chicken, Sliced Green Onion, Fried Shallot and Garlic Oil(mixture of fried garlic and oil).

To get slice chicken first you need to boil chicken. After cooked, cool and cut into slice. Chicken stock can be used to boil rice instead of water if you like.


Blogger Addicter said...

duh..chef..ckk..ckk..bener2 mengundang selera makan nie resep2nya..wah..udah ngiler banget nie..mantabbbbb n maknyusssssss..hehehe..

Gladys Kock said...

It looks delicious, comparable to those sold in the hawker's stalls or restaurants. I like to take porridge during rainy day. Thanks for sharing.