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I am very pleased to take this opportunity extending a warm welcome to all of my visitors. I hope, you will return and keep visiting this blog and find latest recipes from time to time. Please feel free to search and explore this site to meet your needs.

This blog consists of recipes, cooking tips, and more. I have been working for years in F&B and I wish to share my experience with you. As a learning process, I am aware that might have mistakes and error through the content. I am happy to receive some corrections and advices toward improvement.

Recipes that I present are popular menu which can be found at most hotels and restaurants. With these recipes, I hope give you some help to cook from your home. I made it simple steps and easy to follow, so that everyone can cook, even with very basic equipments.

Once again, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you every success in your career and daily life.

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