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Easy Recipe Baked Potatoes

Easy Baked Potato Recipe

Jacket Potatoes or 'Baked Potatoes' is a substitute for rice and supplementary food is usually served with menu of steak, chicken and fish.

If you go to western restaurants, more menus will be served with baked potatoes ad they mostly serve baked potatoes during dinner time.

How to make baked potatoes? The equipment used to cook baked Potatoes is 'Oven' where the temperature can reach up to 35O degrees Celsius.

Various recipes and how to make Baked Potatoes easily gain a lot from books and internet. This time I also like to share to you how to make simple recipes of baked potatoes.

To make a good quality of baked poratoes, First you need to select good quality ones. The best potatoes used for baked potatoes are grown in Idaho, USA. Fluffier and potatoes are very tender when eaten. As in the West Java area, Idaho proverbial sweet 'Cilembu' which is very famous for its sweet honey taste. Size of baked potatoes suitable is no more than 4 pieces a kilo. Making baked Potatoes, peeling skin is not necessary as long as it cleanly washed.

Baked potatoes will have a good, taste before baking by basting once with butter after being washed and dried. Bake on pan for an hour with a temperature of 350 degrees. After cooking removed potataes from the oven.

In order to split the presentation [by using a small knife but does not break] and load it with grated cheddar cheese, butter, sour cream and sliced scallion. If you want you can add chopped bacon beef. Serve with main dish as I mentioned above.
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