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How to Make BBQ Grilled Chicken


1 whole chickens
Butter to baste
Sweet soy sauce to taste
1 cut the Alpinia galanga, crushed
1 stalk Lemongrass, crushed
3 pieces of leaf
5 fruit red chili, crushed

2 cloves garlic
4 grains of red onion
5 grains candlenut
1 piece (1 cm) turmeric
salt to taste

How to make:
Clean chicken and cut into 4 parts.
All seasonings made one then crushed.
With water to taste, boiled chicken with herbs that have been crushed, Alpinia galanga, Lemon grass and leaf and seasoning evenly until cooked and pervasive.
Then roasted chicken with coals are greased with red chili crushed, then olesi with butter and sweet soy sauce. Grilled chicken until the brownish colour.
For 3-4 people.

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