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The Sandwich of Scramble Eggs and Tomatoes!

Have you ever tried Scramble eggs and tomatoes Sandwich? It’s a delicious sandwich and easy to make. If you are tired of the same generic sandwich, and then try to type sandwiches such as eggs and tomatoes. Once you try it you want to experiment with types of sandwiches, too! So, follow the steps in this article and you will right away eat the delicious scrambled egg and tomato sandwiches!

These are what you need:

shredded cheddar cheese
black pepper
sliced tomatoes
white bread slices

1. The first step to make scrambled egg and tomato sandwiches, of course, is to stir the eggs in the usual way if you only prepare enough to eat scrambled eggs. I usually mix cracked open an egg in a bowl with a little milk, black pepper and some grated cheddar cheese (and sometimes some seasoning salt - you can try with this if you want!). Then I scramble eggs in a frying pan. Be sure to cook scrambled eggs enough so that they will not be too runny in the sandwich.

2. Now, spread mayonnaise on bread slices, then add scrambled eggs, and finally sliced tomatoes and some black pepper. If you want more daring, add a few slices of cheddar cheese as well. Then place a slice of bread on top.

3. Now eat and enjoy the scrambled egg and tomato sandwiches!


Try adding some lettuce or strips of bacon as well if you want to try different versions. You may wind up with BLTE - Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, and Egg sandwich!

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